Solving the WinRAR Diagnostic Messager Error

Solving the WinRAR Diagnostic Messager Error

How To Fix Winrar Diagnostic Messager - This post is sharing about the failure when extracting files that are archived in RAR format, but the winrar diagnostic messager notification message appears, even though I have tried with similar applications such as 7zip or magicRAR the results are the same.

WinRAR is a program that handles the archiving process of a file, by archiving files, the data transfer process becomes easier and the archived files are safe from virus attacks. Sometimes because of a problem the archive file is corrupted so that when it is extracted, a winrar diagnostic message appears.

Of course this is annoying, especially if we try to re-download a file because we think this file is corrupt after extracting the result, the result is still the same, the WinRAR diagnostic message message appears, what does it actually mean?

There are several causes and solutions for dealing with winrar diagostic messages or corrupted rar files, so let's try which one is suitable to solve your problem:

1. Update winrar version

Usually the files archived with WinRAR use the latest version while the WinRAR software installed on your PC is too old to be able to extract archive files properly.

Indeed, the fact is that for each build version there is often a problem where the archive file in RAR with version 5 cannot be extracted with the WinRAR version 4 program, the solution is to just update the WinRAR version to the latest version, try not to take the beta.

2. Ignore errors

Usually because there is an element file that is missing or unreadable causing the rar archive file to be corrupted, the solution we will try to extract the rar file by passing some broken files that have errors in it

How to right click the rar file then select extract file. Then a dialog appears, please check keep broken file and then OK. If you download an archive file that contains a collection of ebooks or documents, there may be some files that cannot be opened because they were broken

But if you download a game or software file, then there are elements in the archive that are broken, usually after being archived the file can't be run or if it runs it often closes itself. Yes, we will try to extract the RAR archive file by ignoring the broken files

3. Repair winrar

It's possible that the cause of WinRAR cannot be extracted not because of a damaged element, but because of a labeling error or an element that has been misplaced, the solution is simply to repair it. After being repaired, try to extract the file from the repair result

4. Re-download

If you download a file that is corrupted, it can be ascertained that the file you downloaded cannot be used, the cause of the file being downloaded is corrupt, such as:
  • Unstable connection up and down
  • Frequently pause resume files
  • Switch servers etc
The solution, please re-download the file, if it's still an error, contact the admin to reupload the file or try another download link

5. Use tools

There are tools that are claimed to be able to repair various corrupted files, both rar, word, exe, etc., which are corrupt, even though they are not 100% correct, there is nothing wrong if you try to find a match, the problem you are experiencing is there. The name of the tool is repair tools, you can see my other posts.
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