Microsoft Says: Microsoft Edge is Now Used by 600 Million Users Worldwide

Microsoft Says: Microsoft Edge is Now Used by 600 Million Users Worldwide

It's still less than two years since Microsoft Edge was first announced by Microsoft, now in one of its job careers, Microsoft says that Microsoft Edge Chromium has been used by 600 million users.

This figure is certainly quite large, although based on October 2020 data from Net Marketshare, of the total Internet users, Edge Chromium still occupies the second position as the most widely used browser, far behind Google Chrome users.

From this increase, we can see the great progress that Microsoft has made, of course if we look deeper, the increase in market share of Edge Chromium is due to Microsoft's aggressive marketing strategy, where even today when OOBE Screen (when clean install) Windows 10 recommends a browser Edge Chromium directly, in addition to Search and some other Windows 10 components, Microsoft openly advertises their products for users to use.

And with this large number of users, of course many of us expect that the quality of this application will be even better in the future. So with that maybe Microsoft will work harder, to perfect the browser they provide.

So, are you a Microsoft Edge Chromium user too?, comment below guys.

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