How to Write Articles and Examples of Articles

How to Write Articles and Examples of Articles

How to Write Articles and Article Examples. Lately, people are definitely close to writings or reviews scattered in several mediums or social media. Even the writing of articles where the truth does not match reality, many are also interested in reading and sharing them.

The writings may be referred to as articles. Articles themselves are short essays, approximately between 400 and 2,000 words, covering a specific topic and intended to provide thought on a fact, whether in the form of evidence, ideas or special opinions.

For some people how to write articles is easy. He just writes what's in his head in one article then it becomes an article. However, it is undeniable that some people find it difficult to write articles. Even though they can write articles, they are not attractive, complicated and not rich in data.

So, why do you think writing hoax articles is always attractive? Even if the information lies, why do people read it and distribute it? The reason is because the hoax maker knows what people are liking, what is being talked about and hated.

Example: Residents are busy with smog, because of that, hoax articles appear to bring artificial rain by drying salt water.

Well, if you want to learn how to write compelling articles, write something more or less useful for the people, or about an event that is being discussed by the community.

Processing Articles

Next, here are the most important levels in creating articles, namely processing your writing. After you determine the theme of the article, determine the thoughts, and gather references, it's time for you to process all of these things into one complete article.

There are many ways to write good articles

First, you have to define a specific writing style. This can be obtained by reading someone's writing, then if you have found a writing style that you think is good and right for you, follow that style.

Second, pay attention to punctuation and sentences. This is often separated from how to write articles for beginners. The basis of an article writing is a complete sentence. See how you put the subject of the predicate and the object, and then the comma or period you use.

Third, stay away from the use of similar words in one paragraph. Or if you are forced to write down the same word, look for the equivalent. This is where your vocabulary skills can be tested. Anyway, use a rich vocabulary and use the KBBI if necessary.

During the process of writing in articles, do write 5 to 7 sentences in a paragraph. You don't have to make it so difficult.

The first step is to try to write 500 to 600 words first. Try writing an article with 5 paragraphs. One paragraph for the opening, three paragraphs for the body, and one paragraph for the conclusion.

Use the thoughts and references you've gathered into a continuous sentence. The rest, you just practice how to write articles as often as possible.

Guide on how to write articles

There are many other guides to article writing that you might be able to apply.

For example, don't write too many articles at the beginning, because this might make you fat if you haven't been trained. Write little but often.

Next, choose an article topic that is familiar to you so you can better master it, don't be so dreamy. Just think about the problem on the topic, then share your knowledge.

How to Write Articles

How to write SEO friendly articles to start a blog. Entering the world of blogging is not as easy as imagined, because there are several things that need to be mastered by some bloggers.

One of the techniques you need to master is how to write SEO-friendly articles. This question is very important because the article or content is an important key so that many visitors can read it. If achieved, the following method will be very effective.

You need to know a lot of SEO techniques so that how to write articles or content that you take seriously has superior quality. If you can do this, your ability to be at the top of Google searches will be improved. This question is very effective for you when you use SEO to write articles. Google likes it more and more.

1. Set a Topic Before Writing an Article

The topic of your writing must be detailed. The more detailed the more interesting reading interest. Determine the direction of writing. Generally, articles, especially in the type of description and narrative articles, do not explain the direction of writing in writing, but explicitly.

2. Formulate the basic idea or problem of writing an article

Well, this can use an outline or basic idea framework per paragraph. So suppose you want to explain the problem in the first paragraph, the example of the problem in the 2nd paragraph, the trigger in the 3rd paragraph, the effect in the fourth paragraph and the solution in the fifth paragraph.

3. Make Article Overview

Summary makes it easy. You can make a good one if the reasoning or flow of your article is correct.

4. Make sure the keywords are correct

The first step you can take is to make sure that keywords are used at the beginning. You can use these tools to help you find the right keywords for your article writing. With the next secret word, some visitors can write down the keywords they want to search through search engines.

In this place, you should explore who your audience is and who is reading your site. This is most important so that you can ensure the correct keywords. You can define keywords that some people usually type through search engines. Not only can you use the tool, but you can also determine keywords (keywords) based on your own judgment, which is the same as the material or content you create.

5. Confirm the content of the article that readers want

The direction of the reader to search for data through the internet is to understand the answer he is looking for. The owner of your blog or website should create serious and quality content so that readers are satisfied with the answers you get on the website. Google itself can find out how long it takes a lot of visitors to read on your website.

The longer the reading time, the better the quality of your articles that can actually meet the requirements of some readers. Try to write full text and be able to answer many questions from seekers. If the method of recording articles is based on the expectations of several searches, Google can give more points for your articles.

6. Use keywords

By using concentrated keywords (keywords), you can apply them to create article content (eg standard SEO). This does not mean that you use it repeatedly or too much. If you use too much keyword concentration, these problems will occur later on, thus lowering the quality of your articles. Articles are written by humans, and of course the composition of the writing must be the same as human thought.

You can follow SEO articles to make it rank first in Google search results. You can do what you want by writing articles so that many visitors can always read them easily. Only write high quality articles and revise them regardless of whether they are valid or not. If which one is good, you can publish it.

7. Must read article

Writing SEO articles must be read by some visitors. Where they will explore the content of the article. Not only that, both in punctuation and other aspects, writing must also be clear and orderly. When writing articles, you really need a high level of accuracy to avoid mistakes, and you can also provide a high level of professionalism for the network you maintain.

If you have finished writing an article to be revised again there will be no punctuation or spelling mistakes, which will be more efficient. In addition, if there is something wrong or maybe you don't want it, you can also ask the reader for help to provide feedback. Through this, you can make repairs.

8. Use internal and external links

Later, the guide will write articles published online, in which it is very important to use internal and external links. The benefits of these external and internal links can provide the reader with more information about the main purpose of the article he is writing.

An internal link is a link to one of the articles on the website itself. At the same time, external links are links to your website, not just your website. But in these two types of links, each has a similar effect. But for external links, it refers to another internal website.

9. Pay attention to the important parts of the blog

When writing articles, it is quite important for you to apply them effectively is to look at the important components on the website. Some of these include URLs, website titles, titles, etc. This element has the most important influence on the quality of your article so that it meets SEO standards.

If you want your articles to appear on your homepage, you should take a look at this section. These three things actually refer to the web content that you produce in order to run efficiently. Like the title of a very interesting article, the title of the article must use keywords. The same goes for other sections, such as subtitles, URLs, and other sections.

10. Image optimization

Image optimization is also one of the important things that must be considered when creating high-quality article content. Readers will not be bored when visiting blogs or websites that contain images. Especially if your article content is longer, then image positioning is your best choice.

You have to implement a few things in image optimization to match SEO standards. When creating images, it must be ensured that the actual name of the published image file is the same as the concentration of the keywords used. This will make it easier for you to match the image of the uploaded article.

11. Upload content consistently

Stability is one of the most important methods in which stability should be applied. Some people often can't stay the same because it doesn't bring results. With stability, it will give you a great chance of success. Since you must write at least 3 articles every day, you must write at least 3 articles every day.

12. Not many words

Google likes article content or provides as much detail as possible. The number of validly applied articles must be at least 300 words. This will make your content look better. Of course, multiple readers visiting your site are also more comfortable. The more content an article has, the more efficient it is, but you also have to pay attention to it so that it is useful for certain readers.

The important things to remember in writing articles are:

1. Element 5W+1H
  • What: What's the problem
  • Where : Where is the place
  • When : When
  • Who: Who tells, or tells about whom
  • Why : Why does the problem occur
  • How : How did the problem occur, or how the problem was solved.
2. According to Reality

Articles actually consist of 2 namely Fiction and Nonfiction. In non-fiction articles you should definitely make it true. How to recognize it's reality or not, please do check and recheck from various sources until you get an article that covers both sides.

Now, the priority of conveying things according to evidence is because currently our laws are very strict regarding the ITE Law which will imprison people who write false or hoax information.

3. Don't Touch Individuals or Groups

Everyone is free to write, write what he wants. But write what is useful, not just the fruit of thinking in which it corners a specific person or group. Unless it will lead to a fight, you also have the potential to violate the law and meet the authorities.

Article Type

1. Article Description

A descriptive article is an essay that has the aim of writing a story of a reality so that the reader can describe it in their minds. I prefer to call it an overview article. Because 100% of this article contains a description of situations, events, occurrences.

Article example

Asus Zenfone Max Pro is an android phone released by Asus in 2020. This cellphone is interesting because it has a different design with the original Asus cellphone. The size of the monitor is quite large, namely 5.2 inches. This cellphone is thin, which is only 7.7 mm. This makes this cellphone quite comfortable to hold. But it's really slippery because in addition to the front and back there is Gorilla Glass glass with a 2.5D shape so that it bends quite a bit on the edges.

At the beginning of use often I dropped it. But this phone is strong enough. The camera contains a sapphire crystal so it is strong and charming. The volume and power buttons are on the right. This cellphone is considered a unibody so the cover cannot be removed. The memory and SIM card slots are on the left. On the top side there is a 3.5 mm audio jack and on the bottom side there is a USB type C port. A special button is in the form of a touch panel and behind it there is a fingerprint sensor. At first glance, this cellphone looks like the iPhone X.

2. Narrative Articles

This type of article is intended to tell a story or condition, either based on the position of time or the position of the event.

Narrative articles can be like stories (novels, short stories, comics, fairy tales, films, soap operas, etc.), in story articles there must be characterizations, as in usual narratives. The figure is depicted as a person who struggles with problems and conflicts with life. And he's trying to win that fight. There is a struggle in life to make this type of writing spark an interest in reading. Because if there is no dispute, then a story can be bland.

Article Example

One of the important needs for environmental health is the problem of clean water, sanitation and solid waste. The need for clean water, waste control which is made by residents every day and waste water disposal is directly channeled into streams/rivers. This results in a shallow flow/river, blockage of the stream or river due to garbage.

When the rainy season continues, it causes disease and flooding. The problem of clean water is the most fatal thing for our lives. Where every day we need clean water for drinking, processing, bathing, some and cleaning. The same as clean water, of course, makes us free from disease.

3. Exposition Articles

Articles of this type are essays that aim to detail a single theme. It can be in the form of an explanation of the meaning, role, side and benefits of an idea. It can be in the form of a way, way or process of doing something.

The uniqueness of this article is that it shows several points, sequences of numbers, part by part method, equates understanding, and so on. Sometimes there is an element of individual thought in this type of article, sometimes not.

Article Example

Evaluation is one of the most meaningful and needed factors in this life. With evaluation, one can of course create their identity. There is also that identity can actually be formed because of a person's personality.

Well, to answer that, the government is trying to create that personality with several systems. One of them is by changing the Teaching Unit Curriculum (KTSP) to curriculum 13. This replacement actually provides a provision for the existence of something in the evaluation mechanism in Indonesia.


evaluation that prioritizes the skills of students individually.

It can be said that this is a form of evaluation that seeks to extract power in a person. If in a school chair, until that person is a student or student sympathizer.

This is very meaningful so that later they can dredge up the hidden talents of each student.

And what is meaningful to underline is that each student certainly has strengths, talents, and abilities that are different from one another. Not only that, the sectors that they are interested in and master are also in fact different.

A student who is not good at one lesson does not mean he is a stupid student. On the other hand, he certainly has specific skills and advantages.

And with the assessment, whether or not a student sympathizer is smart.

Where this will not always be determined by whether he is smart or not in class. Teachers are also not allowed to share stupid brands with students if the truth is that he is not smart in class subjects.

in fact this has also been attempted by the government. It is by sharing the latest curriculum in the world of evaluation that is found with Curriculum 13.

With this curriculum, until the government tries to extract strength in each student and also tries to give the personality of the student himself.


Personality evaluation is a provision from the beginning for students in the future period. Students need to have a tolerant attitude from this point on with each other.

They must also have strengths or abilities that they can be proud of so that this nation in the years ahead will truly be able to respond and experience the times that are still evolving.

4. Persuasion Articles

Articles of this type are popular with motivational articles. Because the way to write the article has a seductive alias persuasive nature. The impact can move the reader to do or follow something and vice versa leave something.

This article is generally used by business people, counselors, clergy, psychiatrists, therapists, regulators and anyone who wants to bring the public to want, be sincere, enthusiastic, passionate about guaranteeing and not denying what they are selling.

Article example

Living in a crowded city like Jakarta, every individual should keep the environment clean. One of the easiest steps to keep the environment clean is to dispose of garbage in its place. Like during the rainy season, several floodgates in Jakarta are filled with piles of garbage that are not pleasing to the eye. This often causes overflowing water and flooding in residential areas.

Rubbish that is disposed of carelessly will block the water channel in the gutter. When it rains it will cause flooding because water cannot flow into the gutter. Therefore, let's always keep the environment clean by throwing garbage in the locations provided.

Finally, don't stop practicing writing articles, because writing is not an ability that can be mastered instantly, everything needs habituation and practice.

Until you can make good and good articles. So an explanation of how to write articles, several types to examples of articles. Hopefully useful.

How to make a good and correct article and examples

Articles are a way to convey ideas or information via the internet. The direction of production is also quite diverse, starting from educating to marketing the products of a business. In order for quality articles to be made, you need to follow the guidelines and steps for writing correct and good articles below.

To produce an article, the author certainly needs several preparations that need to be carried out. At least, there are 3 formations to write articles in the preparing process.
  • Decide on the topic you want to say
  • Do some quick research and make a list of recommendations
  • Define the basic idea and outline of the article
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