How to Change Partition Format from GPT to MBR

How to Change Partition Format from GPT to MBR

Tutorial Convert GPT Partition to MBR Without Lossing Data - In this tutorial, I will share how to change the partition type from GPT to MBR without deleting the data in it, usually this happens when Windows 7 users want to upgrade to Windows 8/10 and fail because the partition is still in GPT format.

The purpose of changing the GPT partition to MBR ?

In the past, Windows 7 and below were only known for one partition, namely MBR, while since the appearance of Windows 8 and 10, the term GPT partition was known, although actually Windows types 8 and 10 can be directly installed on both types of partitions except Windows 7.

Unfortunately for the latest version of the laptop, Windows 10 is now installed with GPT automatic partitioning, so if you want to downgrade to Windows 7, you have to change the partition to MBR because Windows 7 and below don't know the term GPT partition.

Now when reinstalling windows while in the BIOS we only need to choose which is UEFI / EFI or legacy or even there is no writing other than bootable windows, then choose EFI / UEFI for GPT and legacy which is MBR partition.

How to Convert GPT Partition to MBR Without Deleting Data

Previously, please first download the tools to change the partition type, the name is mini tool partition wizard, please search on the internet, there are many and it's free, of course, although there is a paid version.

  • First install the mini tool partition wizard software that was downloaded earlier
  • Second. please look at the appearance of the mini tool partition wizard software there is a partition whose format is still GPT which I will change later to MBR
  • Select the disk you want to convert to MBR then click Convert GPT Disk to MBR Disk
  • Apply, until here the partition changes are complete
  • Done the disk has become MBR and is ready to be reinstalled with windows 7

What is the difference between GPT and MBR partitions ?

MBR can use up to 2 TB of storage, while GPT can use up to 9 ZB of storage. MBR can only create 4 primary partitions, while GPT can create 128 primary partitions. Information from the MBR file system is stored in only one location, while GPT is able to create multiple file systems to be stored in several locations.

For Windows 10 users who use MBR, they can directly change the partition to GPT without losing data (data loss) by entering disk management - right click - convert to GPT. There is also a manual method, open CMD with the run ad administrator command then type Diskpart then follow the steps below.

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