A Powerful Way to Unblock Domain URLs That are Blocked by Facebook

A Powerful Way to Unblock Domain URLs That are Blocked by Facebook

shelbyies.com - Most bloggers, ad network publishers and online resellers must be familiar with the mainstay domain URLs that are blocked by Facebook's security system.

Even though we promote the URL to get lots of purchase conversions from a number of audiences who have been successfully reached, what if the URL suddenly can't be shared on Facebook ?

Luckily we live in modern times when many people share various solutions or problems solved on their blog channels. There are many ways to re-open a Facebook-blocked URL so that it can be re-shared, although the method is easy... in reality, there are also many Facebook URL unblocking service providers out there that charge a fairly high price.

After all, who wants their Facebook page and Facebook account to be blocked as well because it is indicated that they share URLs that are blocked by Facebook continuously? even though the shared URL does not contain a virus/malware nor does it spread misleading content

What is clear is that there are no special tricks or instant tricks to unblock Facebook URLs, everything is done through stages and straight paths but it is indeed better to use services and we just have to wait for the results, maybe 1 day / 2 days / 3 days... who knows ?

There is no problem opening a Facebook URL unblocking service of up to hundreds of thousands, but if you are lazy to budget that much money then it never hurts to appeal the URL blocked by Facebook manually, of course by making sure in advance that the URL in question is clean from elements of scam, phishing, malware, adware, deviant content and other things that violate facebook policies

After all, if you use someone else's URL unblocking service, the service provider will also request that the URL page be temporarily freed from things that smell like scam/phishing/malware/adware/content, aka the same concept, curious? let's follow the trick to unblock the most powerful free facebook URL below.

How to unblock URLs by Facebook

A. Facebook account is already registered developer

Visit the following report page.
If your Facebook account has not been registered as a developer account, the results will be as shown below. No access to Platform Bug Reporting Tool. This is a tool for third-party app developers to file bug reports for Facebook Platform products.

Required Requirements

You have registered a Facebook account for Developers. You hold the Administrator or Developer role in at least one application that is more than 24 hours old. For help with common app implementation issues, please join and post on the Developer Community Forum.

According to the instructions click the link on "Facebook Account for Developers", Get Started
Register an account as a developer then click the continue button. Verify the account using an active mobile number or email address, as well as enter the verification code received in the request field. What do developers want, right ? the best is the facebook page.. choose other or founder like the picture below
  • Create an app... we will link it to the facebook page
  • Choose the type of application, because my page is personal so just choose business
  • Choose the facebook page that you have, of course your facebook account is registered as an admin administrator, not someone else
  • Create the application and finish, wait 1x24 hours until a notification appears on the facebook account that the linking of the facebook developer application has been completed
B. URL appeal to facebook

Visit the following link, just copy paste
Select the "Blocked URL" category and enter the URL of your blog that is blocked by facebook. With words that have been translated into English through a translator service, ask Facebook to review your URL and say that your URL does not contain scam/adware/malware/virus/misleading content or anything that violates Facebook policies (smart wording)

Click the send button and wait for the results 1x24 hours....

URL unblocking service providers out there also take 1-2 minutes to complete, sometimes they also take 1-2 days longer and may not be able to unblock them if they still violate Facebook policies. The point is, with our developer account as a Facebook publisher, we only file an appeal by contacting Facebook.
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