7 Tips for blogs to stay busy even though they rarely write articles

7 Tips for blogs to stay busy even though they rarely write articles

shelbyies.com - Many bloggers cannot manage their blog full time, especially in terms of content updates. After all, who wants to consistently write articles on their blog every day ? I must be bored, I want free time traveling with my wife and children and occasionally leave my blogging routine so I can rest my eyes

Unfortunately, there are lots of naughty bloggers who think they have to update their content every day so that their traffic doesn't drop.. To overcome this problem, some of them even hire the services of article writers even though the results do not increase significantly. Actually, there are some tips that are usually done by bloggers so that their blogs remain busy with visitors even though they rarely post

Lucky if you find this article because I will share 7 simple tips to enliven the blog with little content, hopefully it can be an insight to reduce the tension of blogging.

1. Create evergreen articles

Articles that are always searched by Google users, are not limited in time even though months to years make your blog still needed by the Google market. Almost all common niches including technology, health, business and many others have the potential of evergreen articles.

A simple example, for example "The natural way to treat itching in the groin immediately heals" articles like this will always be sought after by time, starting from boarding school students, common people like me who itch in their groin because of swimming in reservoirs, women who have vaginal discharge and so on.

2. Introducing the blog

You can introduce your blog to close friends, distant friends, new friends, old friends, friends of friends and friends, show that your blog is unique and they will visit your blog on other days to check the latest updates.

How to introduce it ? blog ownership listings on social media instagram, whatsapp business, twitter, tiktok, as well as online forums where you are very active in commenting on people's threads like detik, kaskus, quora (I hang out on quora every day)

3. Add internal links

So, this internal link leads to another post that is still in the same blog, of course, internal linking optimization is better known as the most powerful way of OnPage SEO optimization to keep visitors on the blog for a long time, not by turning off the back button so that visitors cannot return to search results. Bambang!

For example the page that opens "This is the origin story of the legendary ghost of Ibn Sabyan" then create internal linking with the widget "Also read: the difference between Ibn Sabyan and Wewe Gombel" if I simulate myself as a blog visitor, I will definitely be interested in reading recommended articles through internal linking I do..)

4. Updating old articles

At worst your blog must have several articles that appear on page one of Google when you type in potential keywords (keywords that are not common but searched). Try opening the search console page then go to the respective site properties, open the search results menu, look at the query section

Those are some keywords that you have won and top #1 on google beats many competitors

Don't let your article expire and be shifted by competitors, keep updating the article while waiting for other articles to crawl to the top #1 of Google

5. Share content on social media

The next way to keep your blog busy is to share content on social media, because whatever you share on social media will become a digital footprint that users will continue to see.

To make it easier to understand, just go straight to the example, you know quora ? the most crowded question and answer forum in Indonesia, when you answer a phenomenal question on quora then you have the potential to get 1000+ upvotes, 1000+ down votes, 1000+ shares and 1000+ comments

Your answer will be read many times by quora users no matter it's your answer from 1 year ago or even 2 years ago, you can embed a blog link as a relevant answer of course you have to make a relevant article as a reference so that it is not considered spam by the system.

6. Write longer articles

For early bloggers writing articles of 800 - 1000 words is a great job but once you get used to it it becomes a habit or standard. Slowly you start to get used to writing 1000 - 1500 words without realizing it Articles with more words have wider keyword optimization potential, article content is more informative and visitors read articles longer

Who doesn't love quality content ? I personally want to give appreciation to blogs containing quality content, appreciation can be given in the form of sharing to social media, subscribing, being used as a reference/source, giving tips if the blog owner includes QRIS

7. Build quality backlinks

So, backlinks are active links on other people's blog pages that point to our blog. There are many ways to get quality backlinks besides paying for backlink services, namely being a guest writer

This backlink function is able to push article rankings from position #3 to position #1, as long as the article content is quality then visitors will linger and it becomes a ranking signal for Google that your content is relevant so that its position will remain in top #1
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