11 Advantages of the premium version of the getContact app

11 Advantages of the premium version of the getContact app

Get to know the Getcontact Application and its Premium Features

Welcome to the shelbyies. A little review about the getContact application which is quite popular, known as an application that is able to identify unknown numbers, block spam, find out our contact list on other people's calls and mark fraudsters.

Getcontact can help you identify unknown numbers calling you, getContact can protect its users by blocking numbers that other getContact users mark as spam, users can also tag someone's number as a fraud to prevent crime from spreading.

getContact App Features

1. Protect users from spam

getContact receives thousands of reports every day regarding phone numbers that are considered spam and indicated fraud, free getContact users can activate the spam protection feature. The method; when a certain number calls you, where the number was previously marked as spam, the getContact application will immediately block it.

2. Identify names from unknown numbers

Receiving a call from an unknown number is doubtful, getContact is able to identify the identity of the unknown number from a database server that is synchronized with millions of getContact users around the world.

3. Messenger service available

Fellow getContact users can send messages privately through the developed messenger feature. It provides a high level of privacy protection and guarantees the confidentiality of the message content between the two.

4. Identify the confidence score

Each number comes with a trust score that is accumulated from user feedback, spam activity, other user reports, so you can check the trust score of other people's contact numbers before doing business with them.

5. Knowing our name in other people's contacts

Curious how friends name your contacts on their phone? when you first install getContact, this application will ask for data access to read the list of contact names on your phone.

getContact is available in 2 packages namely free and paid, getContact users have a "GTC" badge next to their profile while premium users have a gold "Premium" badge next to their profile.

difference between free and paid user features

1. Knowing the name of our contact on another person's call (free)

First, make sure you have installed the getContact application on your smartphone, in the search field enter the number you want to know the name based on the synchronization of the contact list from getContact application users around the world.

For example, I type in my cellphone number, then click the Search button, then a list of tag names appears that comes from the contact names of people who store my number on their cellphones.

2. Identify incoming calls from unknown numbers (free)

There are several incoming calls from unknown numbers, I don't know if they are relatives, colleagues, bosses or close friends. Through the getContact application in the call tab, some phone numbers in the call list that are not stored in contacts will appear their names automatically.

The example in the picture above is Mrs. Liya, Liya Eden.. at first glance I know who she is even though the number is not saved in her cellphone contact

3. Mark certain numbers as scammers (free)

Have you ever been a victim of fraud? What are you doing?
  • Report the police
  • Looking for the identity of the fraudster in local groups armed with a cellphone number
  • Report the account number and cellphone number to the Cekrekening.id complaint
  • Mark the scammer's number in getContact so no more victims
  • The trick is to open the getContact application, enter the fraudster's cellphone number, after that add a tag, give a description for example, "Big fraudster" and save, the name of the tag you just added so that it appears immediately within 24 hours
That way when someone will do business with the number and try to find out the tag name of the number through the getContact Application they will see the name of the tag you added so that he/she avoids being scammed

4. Report fraud and share experiences (free)

getContact allows users to share experiences of fraudulent actions that they have experienced, on the phone number found there is a "Report" feature then there is a radio button option "Fraud" if it is a fraudulent number, select "spam" if the number behaves in a disturbing manner, select "Telemarketer" if they often offer products you don't like

After reporting the bully number, you can choose to share comments that can later be seen by other getContact users... just tell it to the point, for example, "The fraudulent number who opens blog article writing services but is not responsible after receiving payment..."

Wait a few moments and your comment will appear at the bottom of the reported number description, other getContact users can also read your comment because it is publicly visible

5. Know who is looking for your tag (premium)

GetContact premium app users will receive notifications/notifications about who is trying to find your number through this app, of course a notification will also appear on the free getContact app users but they won't be able to know who is trying to find out their number until they upgrade their membership as premium

Almost all the contact lists on our phone are registered as getContact users and we can find out who is trying to peek at the tag list just to satisfy curiosity

6. View activity logs related to your history (free)

If there is a new getContact user who saves your number, then you will get a notification that a new tag name has been added to your number, as well as when you search for an identity related to a certain number then if the number is stored by another getContact user then you will automatically get notification of new tags added related to your search history

For example, there is a getContact user who saves my number with the name "Helmy Anak Sholeh" then I as a premium user will get a notification and find out who saved my number on his cellphone with that number

7. Protect yourself from spam calls (free)

Some numbers have been flagged by other getContact users for fraud and spam, you can block calls automatically on numbers that you have flagged or other people have marked as nuisance. So, apart from identifying usernames by phone number, the getContact App also protects them from annoying spam/fraud calls.

8. Send messages to other getContact users (free)

Like whatsapp, the getContact application also provides a private chat feature to other getContact application users in a safe and encrypted manner, even the developer cannot parse the message content.

In appearance and sign the message reads more or less like whatsapp, there is a description of the status of the getContact application users when was the last time they logged in and their status was online or offline

This message appears as a notification on the recipient's cellphone just like a notification on whatsapp messaging provided you don't block access to the getContact application behind the scenes

9. Available web version of getContact (free)

Just like whatsapp web which can be operated on desktop devices by scanning a barcode, getContact can also be accessed through the desktop window by scanning the code on the monitor screen.

Visit the site via browser
  • https://web.getcontact.com/search
Open the getContact application on the smartphone > select the getContact for website menu > scan the barcode on the desktop screen

Then you can use the GetContact Service as usual by typing the target's cellphone number or something else

10. Paid and limited (premium)

getContact app provides monthly and yearly premium features (lower annual price)

This is not a one-time payment feature to enjoy unlimited number searches, but you can choose packages 1-2-3-4 etc. depending on your monthly search needs, for example for Package 1 for Rp. 38.000/month to enjoy access to search numbers up to 100 times a month and find out. new hashtags added by other getContact users up to 10x notifications/month

It can be adjusted according to the budget you have, but maybe you will regret it because you receive notification restrictions regarding the activities of other getContact users regarding your number

11. Remove inappropriate tags (free)

Maybe there is a prankster who saves your contacts or adds a tag to your number with an inappropriate name. You can delete it, you know.. the way in the tag list, try sliding to the left until the trash can icon appears then select the reason why you want to report this tag marker, is it because it looks inappropriate or doesn't represent who you really are

Until here the marker you want to remove is automatically hidden and other people can't see it anymore, please try.

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